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From savings to super, MoneyGirl offers a range of on-demand and live courses to help you tame those unruly money habits and emerge as the fabulous and finance-savvy human you were born to be.

Money, but make it fun

Kinda like the Curly Girl Method™, our tried and tested MoneyGirl Method is backed by the latest behavioral science and designed in consultation with leading financial experts to help you take control of your money and your life, one topic at a time

6 Steps to Financial Independence Course

From budgeting to investing, build your confidence with money and be part of a community where you can have these conversations freely - with zero judgement!

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Investing 102

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Insurance Crash Course

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More than just a ‘course’, MoneyGirl is a community

We get it - there are a lot of money courses and info out there and it’s hard to know what is right for you. But the thing about MoneyGirl is that it’s not just a ‘money course’ with us; we’re a community of peers improving our money habits and confidence together.

MoneyGirl’s diverse and inclusive community stays connected online, sharing knowledge, progress and inevitable #FinanceFails, cheering each other on towards financial freedom and independence. We know you because we are you, we have designed our courses with you in mind, and will walk alongside you.

Three things to know about MoneyGirl courses:

1. Practical over theory

In a world filled with so much information and complicated jargon designed to make you feel silly, MoneyGirl gives you practical information and skills that are actually relevant and useful in your everyday life.

2. Backed by behavioural science

The science tells us that when you know ‘why’ something’s important, you’re more likely to remember it, and you’re more likely to make choices that are better aligned to the life you want to be living. So, we get stuck into the psychology of money, unlearning those money habits and helping you define what success and wealth means to you.

3. Community over competition

Despite being part of a financial system that thrives on exclusion and scarcity, we believe there’s more than enough to go around. We focus on creating inclusive learning environments that prioritise community and pay it forward to help us all get our piece of the pie.

I feel so empowered and so much more confident with my money after the MoneyGirl course. Each week there were such valuable lessons that I learnt, things that I had just never been taught before either in school or from family. I highly recommend anyone to take this course! It feels great to have this knowledge and be more in charge of my money.

- Cassie

I loved the openness of MoneyGirl, and the community too. Everyone was so involved and kind and willing to learn, and it was such a nice experience to be able to learn and talk about money without the stigma and awkwardness attached.

- Noora

Being with a like minded group of women, from a range of backgrounds, discussing these important issues and hearing similar stories to my own, gave me a lot more confidence in my ability to better manage my money across all aspects. I had struggled to find information previously that was suitable for me and the MoneyGirl course provided a safe space and an excellent understanding of all things money. I would 100% recommend!

- Taidanyasha

Frequently Asked Questions

Are MoneyGirl courses only for women or can others join?

Everyone is welcome to join; we’re an inclusive community. But given the current financial system is not tipped in the favour of women, people of colour, non-binary and gender non-conforming people or basically anyone who’s not straight, white and male - we do focus on providing financial literacy education and opportunities in these communities.

How much does a MoneyGirl course cost?

The cost of each program is provided on its respective page - for live courses, we offer early bird pricing for those who are first-movers and bring a friend discounts. MoneyGirl's mission is to bring financial education to all, therefore our pricing is kept affordable and much lower than equivalent courses in the market, but no one should ever miss out on learning about money because of, well, money! So, we do have scholarships and subsidised places available through our MoneyGirl Pay It Forward Fund and you can find out more or apply here.

Are your courses online or in-person?

COVID has meant that MoneyGirl did the almighty pandemic-pivot online, delivering a mix of on-demand and live courses over the interwebs. We will be back in the flesh when it’s safe to do so, but now anyone anywhere can enjoy a MoneyGirl course from the comfort of their home.

Can I gift a MoneyGirl Course to a loved one?

Well aren’t you kind, of course you can! We have gift vouchers available to cover some or all of a MoneyGirl course for a loved one, or you can help subsidise a place for someone in our community as part of the MoneyGirl Pay It Forward Fund.

Do you offer scholarships or subsidised places?

Yes we absolutely do. Money should never be the reason you can't learn about money! We have scholarships and payment plans available for anyone who needs it, just email us on and we’ll help you out.

Does MoneyGirl run group courses for companies and organisations?

Of course we do! Find out more about our Courses For Organisations or simply email with your enquiry (when, where, how many) and we'll be in touch to finalise the details!