6 Steps to Financial Independence Course

From budgeting to investing, build your confidence with money and be part of a community where you can have these conversations freely - with zero judgement!

This OG course comes in a number of ways to suit your learning style and location:


perfect for those who can’t wait another second for financial independence or need greater flexibility to take the course at their own pace

Online (live)

a favourite of the introverts, remote learners and regional folks

In-person (live)

for the extroverts, the folks who learn better face-to-face and the Zoombied out connection cravers

Dificulty level:
Beginner to intermediate
Course dates as published below

Course Curriculum

Step 1: Everyday Money Management

Our Everyday Money Management workshop is designed to help you uncover your money story, learn budgeting tips and methods, as well as setting financial goals. This is the first building block of your financial education foundation.

Step 2: Tax

Ugh, tax. We get it - it’s not the most fun thing in the world. Or is it? MoneyGirl delivers the tax facts with max impacts so there are no nasty surprises or knocks on the door come tax season.

Step 3: Superannuation

Together we break down how our super system works, how to salary sacrifice and show you how to compare funds so you can take care of future you.

Step 4: Credit & Debt

We settle the ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ debt debate once and for all and get you thinking about how to make credit and debt work for you.

Step 5: Investing 101

We take the WTF out of ETFs and help you figure out where to start on your investment journey so you can start building that wealth.

Step 6: Money & Relationships

Our Everyday Money Management workshop is designed to help you uncover about your money story, learn budgeting tips and methods, as well as setting financial goals. We wanted to provide the details of the course again for your reference.

Meet our facilitators

Ketvi Roopnarain
Aaishah Janif

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You’re ready to take control of your finances with hands-on and practical tips that suit your actual life
  • You pretend to know about how tax and super works but you want to know, like, for real
  • You are keen to start investing but have no clue where to start or WTF is an ETF
  • You hate jargon and want to have a little fun with your money in a safe, judgment-free and supportive community

"I feel so empowered and so much more confident with my money after the MoneyGirl course. Each week there were such valuable lessons that I learnt, things that I had just never been taught before either in school or from family. I highly recommend anyone to take this course! It feels great to have this knowledge and be more in charge of my money."

- Cassie

“I learned so much in EVERY SINGLE session. Each session has had an impact on the way I think about / spend / save / invest my money. I have switched my super (which no doubt has saved me $10,000s in the long run as I was on such a low growth super before). It's also started got me thinking about saving for a deposit, and having those important conversations with my partner.”

- Alex

“I was super curious to learn about money, and as a young woman it didn’t seem like the most accessible topic. It was very comforting to find MoneyGirl and be surrounded with women who shared a similar eagerness to take control of their financial independence. I knew nothing about super, taxes, and investments. MoneyGirl has allowed me to take control...I am now confident with my money, and I am able to view it as a tool in my life, that doesn’t control and dictate my life."

- Zakiya

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6 Steps to Financial Independence Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are MoneyGirl courses only for women or can others join?

Everyone is welcome to join; we’re an inclusive community. But given the current financial system is not tipped in the favour of women, people of colour, non-binary and gender non-conforming people or basically anyone who’s not straight, white and male - we do focus on providing financial literacy education and opportunities in these communities.

How much does a MoneyGirl course cost?

Our signature Six Steps to Financial Independence Course is an investment of $359 in future you, which can be a small price to pay for money savvy and confidence. But no one should ever miss out on learning about money because of, well, money! So, we do have scholarships and subsidised places available through our MoneyGirl Pay It Forward Fund and you can find out more or apply here.

Are your courses online or in-person?

COVID has meant that MoneyGirl did the almighty pandemic-pivot online, delivering a mix of on-demand and live courses over the interwebs. We will be back in the flesh when it’s safe to do so, but now anyone anywhere can enjoy a MoneyGirl course from the comfort of their home.

Can I gift a MoneyGirl Course to a loved one?

Well aren’t you kind, of course you can! We have gift vouchers available to cover some or all of a MoneyGirl course for a loved one, or you can help subsidise a place for someone in our community as part of the MoneyGirl Pay It Forward Fund.

Do you offer scholarships or subsidised places?

Yes we absolutely do. Money should never be the reason you can't learn about money! We have scholarships and payment plans available for anyone who needs it, just email us on and we’ll help you out.

Does MoneyGirl run group courses for companies and organisations?

Of course we do! Find out more about our Courses For Organisations or simply email with your enquiry (when, where, how many) and we'll be in touch to finalise the details!