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We match businesses looking to grow their impact with organisations who support underserved communities, so that everyone can access the financial literacy education they need to improve their lives.

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How does sponsorship work?

MoneyGirl offers two key ways for businesses and organisations to grow their impact and support communities in need:

  1. Team up with MoneyGirl and our not-for-profit partners to help you identify and sponsor a bespoke program for a community you want to reach and serve.
  2. Donate to the MoneyGirl Pay It Forward Fund to cover the cost of a course (either in part or in full) for a community member.

Perfect for organisations looking to:

  • Increase brand awareness in MoneyGirl’s key audience demographics
  • Offer financial products or services that empower underserved communities
  • Support end users experiencing financial stress with access to financial education
  • Partner with an innovative and community-trusted social enterprise to accelerate positive impact

Changing lives, one course at a time

MoneyGirl is on a mission to give women and non-binary folks the financial literacy and confidence they need to live a life of freedom and independence. Can you imagine how amazing the world will be when this work is done?

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Why MoneyGirl?

Financial stress has never been higher. Find out why bringing MoneyGirl to your organisation can help you create happier, healthier and wealthier workplaces.

1. Reach a diverse and highly engaged audience

MoneyGirl is 100% women and minority-owned and our participants are primarily women aged 18-35. We love partnering with and promoting value-aligned organisations that share our passion for financial literacy, and who are looking to expand their community base of people actively taking control of their finances.

2. Focus on community-building

MoneyGirl deeply understands the challenges facing our participants and they trust us to bring them independent, impartial information. By sharing accessible information on a peer-to-peer level, MoneyGirl is building a community of women that support each other by sharing knowledge and experiences.

3. Create long-term habits and behaviours

Backed by the latest behavioral science and designed in consultation with leading financial experts, we focus on creating spaces designed to fundamentally shift habits, behaviour and attitudes towards money, not band aid solutions that don’t work.

4. Measurable impact, tangible results

MoneyGirl courses help participants take control of their money and improve their lives, one topic at a time. Our courses consistently result in increased confidence managing money and contribute to greater financial literacy and money savvy.

I'm incredibly grateful I had a Pay It Forward ticket because the course helped me realize my self worth. The MoneyGirl course was a friendship-building educational experience that directed participants straight towards the 'hard questions' that society seems to avoid. It gave me the tools I needed to confidently navigate my money concerns and I feel like I've learned a lot about myself.

I went from a place feeling completely knowledgeable about money, to a place where I can understand the terms used in money discussions.  I no longer feel overwhelmed by money, and want to take responsibility of my finances. My mum always told me to find someone who knows how to do finances, but now I want to be that person for myself.

- Alisa

Being with a like minded group of women, from arrange of backgrounds, discussing these important issues and hearing similar stories to my own, gave me a lot more confidence in my ability to better manage my money across all aspects. I had struggled to find information previously that was suitable for me and the MoneyGirl course provided a safe space and an excellent understanding of all things money. I would 100% recommend!

- Taidanyasha

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are MoneyGirl’s charity and social enterprise partners?

MoneyGirl has worked with a number of leading charities, NFPs and social enterprises Organisations such as Warrior Woman Foundation, The Social Outfit, MYAN NSW, SheQu, AusRelief, and StarHealth to deliver tailored financial education and help businesses fulfill their social purpose. Please get in touch if you are interested in becoming a MoneyGirl charity partner or sponsoring a course with our existing partners.

Are MoneyGirl’s courses women-only?

Everyone is welcome to join; we’re an inclusive community. But given the current financial system is not tipped in the favour of women, people of colour, non-binary and gender non-conforming people or basically anyone who’s not straight, white and male - we do focus on providing financial literacy education and opportunities in these communities.

Can I choose where my sponsorship goes?

Yes, we provide bespoke and targeted impact solutions for businesses and organisations looking to grow their social impact and reach underserved communities. The community you would like to sponsor will be agreed and communicated before any money changes hands and we also offer basic impact measurement for your stakeholders.

Can I cover part of a course or does it have to be a full course?

MoneyGirl currently offers branded sponsorship for our signature 6 First Steps to Financial Independence Course, however, we are happy to discuss other options to suit your requirements and parameters.

Is my donation tax deductible?

MoneyGirl is a social enterprise that reinvests its profits into community programs and scholarships, not a charity. As such, your sponsorship or donation is not tax deductible and we are not registered with the ACNC.

Can I count my donation or sponsorship towards impact statistics?

Great question! Absolutely you can count your donation or sponsorship towards impact statistics, and because we also gather data to measure our own impact, we have some great qualitative and quantitative data to offer you. If you require something specific, please let us know what kind of data you are looking to gather, and we can work together to measure it.

Leave no one behind on the path to financial independence

If you share our mission and a passion for supporting social enterprise, get in touch about sponsorship opportunities today.

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