Pay it Forward Program

It’s time to lift up all women

Financial independence is the difference between making your own money moves and having them made for you. Everyone deserves to enjoy the independence, freedom and choice that comes from access to wealth and financial literacy.

Do some good, feel a whole lot better

No one should ever miss out on learning about money because of, well, money! While we strive to make our courses as accessible and budget-friendly as possible, we know they will still be out of reach for some, and often those who miss out are the ones who stand to benefit most.

That’s why we set up the MoneyGirl Pay It Forward Fund - to offer scholarships and subsidised places to those who need them.

How it works

Our Pay It Forward Fund pools together generous donations from individuals, businesses and foundations to cover the cost of our courses for anyone who needs it.

We regularly offer scholarships and sponsored courses for First Nations women, women of colour and for people experiencing homelessness or poverty through our charity partners, so that no one gets left behind and we can all get on top of our finances, together.

What previous Pay It Forward recipients have said

“I'm incredibly grateful I had a Pay It Forward ticket because the course helped me realise my self worth. The MoneyGirl course was a friendship-building educational experience that directed participants straight towards the 'hard questions' that society seems to avoid. It gave me the tools I needed to confidently navigate my money concerns and I feel like I've learned a lot about myself.”

2020 Pay It Forward Recipient

“This course was a huge eye-opener. I have learned that it's important to start saving and financial planning wherever I am on my financial journey. Knowledge is power and I feel all the more powerful after doing this course!”

2020 Pay It Forward Recipient

“This has been an opportunity and a HALF! I appreciate that I was fortunate to receive a 'Pay It Forward' ticket! Due to COVID-19 and as a new graduate I was struggling to find my feet with everything. This course not only supported me with my new learnings but my family and friends as I shared information with them too!”

2020 Pay It Forward Recipient

Give the gift of financial freedom

By donating to the MoneyGirl Pay It Forward Fund you can enable women and non-binary people experiencing disadvantage and discrimination to make those money moves and transform their financial journey.

If you’re an organisation or foundation looking to sponsor a MoneyGirl course for a specific community or partnering with MoneyGirl, you can find out more on our Sponsorship page.

Changing lives, one course at a time

MoneyGirl is on a mission to give women and non-binary folks the financial literacy and confidence they need to live a life of freedom and independence. Can you imagine how amazing the world will be when this work is done?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What communities does MoneyGirl work with?

MoneyGirl has worked with a number of leading charities, NFPs and social enterprises Organisations such as Warrior Woman Foundation, The Social Outfit, MYAN NSW, SheQu, AusRelief, and StarHealth to deliver tailored financial education and help businesses fulfill their social purpose. Your donation to our Pay It Forward Fund helps make that possible.

Can I choose where my donation goes?

With our Pay It Forward Fund, your generous donation is pooled together to provide scholarships for underserved communities and people experiencing disadvantage and we regularly report on which organisations and communities we support. If you are interested in sponsoring a specific person or community, please get in touch with us to arrange this or find out more find out more on our Sponsorship page.

Can I cover part of a course or does it have to be a full course?

To put one participant through MoneyGirl’s Signature Six Steps to Financial Independence program is the full cost of the course as published, but any donation amount is gratefully accepted and will be pooled together with other contributions from the community. MoneyGirl seeks to have a meaningful impact on as many people as possible, no matter who they are and where they may be from, so you can choose to donate any amount in our Secure Checkout.

Is my donation tax deductible?

MoneyGirl is a social enterprise that reinvests its profits into community programs and scholarships, not a charity. That means unfortunately your donation to the Pay It Forward Fund is not tax deductible. If you are looking to make a tax deductible donation directly to a charity working with MoneyGirl to increase financial independence, please get in touch and we can support you to make that happen.

How many people have you supported through the Pay It Forward Fund?

It’s clear that we still have a long way to go to create a financial system and society that is fair for all. But we won’t stop until we get there! Our goal is to provide financial education to every Australian in need. You can find our metrics by looking above at how many scholarships we have been able to offer so far.


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